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Sorry guys havent posted in a long time.

But anyway Enjoy christmas? Cuase i did'nt fucking channel 5? What the fuck happend??? Eddie stobart 7 whilst 10 at night! -.- WANBARTS!.
They have now bought that autologic i think it called! -.- pfft. what they going to start carrying next??? Army Tanks, Ammunition for the army you will see tanks in afghanistan with Eddie Stobart on the side Fucker's!.

They need stopping!

Merry christas and a happy new year Peep's :-)
Hi Everyone :-)

Havent put an new blog up for a while been so busy.
well anyway was at an aldi depot other day and next to me was a stobart driver (LOL) so me and this dfeds driver was talking and he walked up and said before you start only reason i do it is so that i can provide for my family and the dfds driver said in a scottish type of accent i quote 'I Still Fucking Hate You' which i found quite funny because the eddie stobart driver;s face dropped (PMSL)

So anyway i have put some more stuff on the website so enjoy :-)
And drive
Hope that everyone has had a good day today :) and have all driven saftely :)

So so so Stobart claim to be the first to be running these new eco trailers what a load of shit that is!! acoarding to a certain trucking forum TNT and ASDA and other compnay have had them ages so it looks like the shitty stobart managers have been lieing (Not that it wouldnt be the first time they have lied to us! ;-). I think their just doing it for publicity. The only good thing to stobart is that babe of a trucker that works for them!!!

Have a nice night everyone

Sweet dream
Hi everyone, just mad some adjustments to the site so i hope you all like it.

And i have found out that steady eddie have got some of them 15.6M long trailers, so Their may be trouble ahead for the british road user's. cause hey carnt drive the 13M long one's properly never mind them -.- and That mark dixon was the first one to trail it. Who puts a driver who thinks his gods gift the first of them trailers to trail them out Who! *facepalm*
Yesturday i was sat in a car park in doncaster and alot of tesco driver's were handing out leaflets, i dont know if you guys now but 200 drivers are going to be loosing their jobs because tesco have 'gave' them to Eddie stobart. The guys were on £9 an hour and since going over to stobart, apart from wearing their shit uniform which one driver say's it makes him cry every morning when he has to put it on they are also on £7.20 an hour and the drivers have worked a month for Shitty Stobart's and they have gave the 200 driver's their 90 day notice, some of these drivers have worked their job for 20 years plus and they have lost their pensions and everything i think this is wrong and needs stopping. If you agree with me then please do what those drivers wanted me too do which was dont shop at tesco. Dont let the rich become richer whilst the worker's loose out!.


    Hi my name is Jordan Lloyd i am an aspiring Haulage firm owner and obviously i want to beat eddie stobart and do to them what they have done to other's i will not stop unitl at least 3/4 of their business has fallen!. :-) But i am a nice person.... I promise ;-)


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